About the Life Vessel


Utilizing state of the art frequency based medicine, Life Vessel uses the healing modalities of light, sound, and vibration frequencies that provide a safe, calming atmosphere, as well as infrared to allow the body to deeply relax into a state where healing occurs naturally 




Studies show that up to 85% of bodily dysfunction can be associated with stress and if not effectively dealt with can seriously compromise an individual’s health. 


Similar studies provide evidence that an impaired immune system can be associated with stress induced experiences and conditions, including relationships, job activities, family and financial concerns. 

What this means is that your body’s innate ability to handle these situations is weakened and your stress levels become toxic to your overall natural health.

Fortunately, stress and its effects can be significantly reduced through various therapeutic approaches, including relaxation therapy with the Life Vessel.

The Benefits of Relaxation Therapy may include:

  • Balance the autonomic nervous system

  • Reduce stress

  • Manage pain

  • Detoxify on all levels

  • Facilitate rejuvenation

  • Enhance health and well-being

  • Cultivate transcendent states

  • Support the immune system

  • Lighten emotional density


Q. Do I need to fill out any paperwork?

A. Yes! There are links to the paperwork on our "Contact" page.


Q. When should I arrive?

A. Plan on arriving between 5-10 minutes before your session.


Q. What should I wear?

A. It is best to wear loose fitted clothing. We also offer gowns for you to change into.


Q. How should I prepare?

A. Avoid working out or having caffeine before your session. You may eat a small meal and drink water.


Q. How long is the session?

A. Each session is an hour long.


Q. What do I do inside the LV?

A. The goal is for you to relax. We encourage sleeping or meditating!


Q. What should I expect after?

A. You may experience some detox symptoms due to the infrared component. Drink a lot of water!


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