"...I volunteered to go through the first session of the Life Vessel protocol (4x1 hour therapy sessions) in California and what I experienced was nothing short of “miraculous” to my way of feeling and being! I had an indescribable uptick of energy; my “chemo-brain” was almost alleviated and I FELT NORMAL for the first time in 18+ months! ... 

Return trip home was easy and the following weeks have been remarkable, in that my energy level has been sustained at this new, restored level and my sleep is significantly improved. Most astonishing has been my cognitive function! I struggled to find words and my memory was faulty. Now, I’m confident again in my ability to find my words and remember details that appeared to be lost in a few moments.

I went back to LIFE VESSEL ~ Advanced Wellness in California for a second session in the Life Vessel Protocol series of three. Again, my experience has been extraordinary and notable in that my energy level and cognitive function continue to improve; the way that I feel stress now is different. Improved in that I recognize it and yet I don’t react to it. Instead, I respond…I find an alternative way to address my perceived stress. I find that fascinating! And I have to say, totally refreshing as I continue to recover from that diagnosis of 2015. I’m more of who I WANT TO BE than who I think I used to be!"

—  Lynn B. 

Post Cancer Relief